The Perfect Cast – Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a fishing method that employs artificial flies as bait and a rod especially made for fly fishing. Remember, do not use rods that are not meant for fly fishing because it won’t work well on your favor. A rod and line created for this type of fishing are much heavier and are tapered so that the line can be cast well. This is especially important because the bait is very light but must be cast well.

Beginners who wish to learn how to cast a fly fishing line should try to practice on dry land and without a hook before attempting to do so in the water. Although casting might look easy, it requires skill and practice to land the fly at or near the area that you want it to go.

Grip the rod firmly and position it like you are shaking someone’s hand. Then, point your body to the general direction that you want to cast your line, with your weight resting on the balls of your feet. Next, hold the rod reel down but keep it parallel to the ground getting your rod in line for the perfect cast.

Lift the rod tip until it is almost perpendicular to the ground. Quickly snap the rod back over your head to flip it behind you. Then, as the line straightens behind you, bring down your elbow to quickly move the rod forward. If you had done it right, your fly will land where you want it to. If not, try or practice again until you improve your technique and master the perfect cast.

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