Florida Hogs

Florida is a well-known haven of adventure where you can go hunting for various animal species, including wild boars. Hunting in the wild will give you many surprises, including what animal you just might found. Still, there are certain species that are known to inhabit certain areas in the state so that when hunting in a certain area, you’ll have a general knowledge of what to expect.

florida hogs

When hunting for hogs in Florida, you will most likely encounter the feral hog, Sus scrofa, a wild swine species that belongs to the Suidae family. This species is not native to Florida and is thought to have been brought by early Spanish explorers in as early as the 1500s.

A feral pig has a gestation period of 115 days and quickly grows, reaching full size in 12 months. It produces about 10 piglets per litter and has about 2 litters in a year. It grows a tusk, has good hearing, and an excellent sense of smell but has poor eyesight. This species has a very lean body, long snout, and forward pointed or upright ears.

Another species found in Florida is the Russian wild boar or sometimes called European wild boar. This species also has a long snout, pointy ears, and long tusks. It has a tufted straight tail and could range in color from tan to gray to almost black. Its face also has grizzled hair.

Since these species are found in the wild and are not controlled, many of them interbreed to produce hybrids. These hybrids can resemble either parent and would surely have a tusk, long snout, and upright or pointy ears.