Fly fishing knots and properly tying on a redfish fly.

Adding the fly to your line is the last or finishing step to preparing for fly fishing. It is important for a fly to be attached correctly and securely in order to prevent losing it in the fast water current or in the heat of battle with a hooked fish.

Here are some easy steps to follow in tying a fly to a fishing line:

  1. Thread around 5 to 7 inches of tippet through the eye of your chosen fly.
  2. Hold the fly in one hand and use the other hand to wrap the tag end of the tippet around the standing end of the tippet five times.
  3. Use two fingers on the hand holding the fly to hold open the loop of line while wrapping the tippet around itself. Be sure to keep the small loop in front of the eye of the fly that you threaded the tippet through.
  4. Thread the tag end of the tippet through the loop that you have made earlier at the eye of the fly.
  5. Clip the ends of your knots, leaving only about 1/8 inch so that they won’t slip. It is best to trim close to the knot but also allowing enough room in case they move when tightened.
  6. Make sure to test the knot before actually fishing. If the knot slips, then you can cut the fly off and try again without worry about losing a part of your line.

Finishing Advice

When learning to try knots, it is best to practice over and over again until the knot becomes familiar and easy for you to make. It is also important to lubricate, seat, and trim the knots neatly to make for a secured knot. An unsecured knot can mean lost fish and aggravation for any angler, beginner or experienced.