iOutdoor Fishing Report Fort Lauderdale

Fishing Report Fort Lauderdale with Kids

Captain: Rick

Clients:  Jack and Nick

Date:  01/16/2011

Fort Lauderdale fishing trips and kids go hand in hand. Nice warm weather, sunny skies, and virtually a flat calm ocean made for a nice morning charter today aboard Marlin My Darlin. Our repeat guest was Dee who set the fishing charter up for his family and grandkids Jack and Nick.

Hopefully, Jack and Nick would catch something fun, big or small. Sometimes it is difficult to get a bite from a bigger fish on calm days but Capt. Kopper Sr. was able to coax a nice Sailfish onto the line for Jack. While we typically don’t haul Sailfish aboard for a picture prior to release we sometimes do if the fish acts docile and isn’t showing a lot of wear from the fight.

It does make for a great picture but at times can be undeniably tough on the fish Not to be left out Nick fought it out with nice fat amberjack caught off of one of our Fort Lauderdale deep water wreck fishing spots. First mate Andrew took a well-deserved day off today as we have been going pretty hard as of late.

We take family fishing seriously here from both sides of the fence and we are all pleased that the kids caught really good-sized fish, especially young kids. Even if the fishing turns out to be slow they can have fun. If the fish are biting they will remember it forever. Fort Lauderdale fishing / make it a kid’s weekend.

Captain Rick Fort Lauderdale fishing (offshore)