What Kind of Bait Do You Use to Catch GROUPER in Miami?

Catch Grouper in MiamiGroupers are among the most prized saltwater game fishes among sporting anglers. They are known for their strength and size including the Goliath Groper which can reach a weight of more than 650 pounds. They are also sought-after for their meat as they are considered of fine food quality. Known to thrive in warmer temperatures, they are abundant in Florida including the waters off the shores of Miami.

Artificial or Natural Bait?

There is no particular bait that can effectively and consistently catch a grouper since a bait that may have caught one may not again do so. That is why the technique to follow is to make available a variety of lures; the more the baits, the better.

You can choose between natural and artificial lures when preparing for a Grouper Fishing expedition in Miami. Although artificial lures are more convenient and have been scientifically designed, nothing beats the traditional way – using natural lures. Groupers’ main diet consists of crustaceans, octopuses, young sea turtles, and smaller fishes. You could purchase cut squid and baitfish in Miami tackle shops though some are only available during certain seasons in order to Catch Grouper in Miami.

Catching Your Own Live Bait in Miami

Although natural bait is more effective than artificial lure, there are some anglers who prefer live bait. Some of them even prefer to catch their own Grouper bait for several reasons especially when fishing offshore. First, fish baits may be hard to come by in tackle shops in Miami since some of them are seasonal. Second, they want to experience “old school” fishing where they create or supply their own materials including bait. Third, they want to use fresh baits since they are more lively, thus, are better lures as it allows more strikes. Freshly caught bait is always best to Catch Grouper in Miami.

Baitfish is abundant in Miami from Fall to Spring, especially in reefs, ledges, buoys, and markers. Because you are Sport Fishing for Grouper, you should choose baitfish that attracts Grouper the most like pinfish, pigfish, cigar minnows, giant pogey, mullet and squirrelfish. You can also use live crab or eel if available in Miami.