What kind of bottom fish can you find in the offshore waters of Tampa?

If you’re passionate about fishing, you must try your hand in Offshore Sports Fishing at Tampa Bay in Florida. Catching some bottom fish in your adventure is especially most rewarding, as it is a unique experience to have bottom fishes like the sea bass, and the tautog as your prize catches.

There are also other bottom dwellers that could amaze you with their peculiarity, too, and they’re just waiting for you to go hook them good. These include famous names like the redfish, the tarpon or silver king, and the snook. The redfish are known as bruisers because they are feisty and put up a great fight once they’re hooked. Tarpons meanwhile, are acrobatic wonders, as they could leap as high as ten feet just to escape from an angler’s grasp. The snook, on the other hand, is the starfish in Florida, one of the most pursued species of bottom fishes.

Offshore Fishing 101

Anglers head out 20-30 miles from the beach when they go off-shore sports fishing. This means they’re out to get some blue water fishes including wahoo, tuna, and marlin. Bottom fishes meanwhile are caught when boats go near wrecks or reefs where deep water bottom dwellers may be found. If one is lucky enough, the Speckled Hind and the Marble Grouper may be hooked in such waters.

Going on a fishing adventure in Tampa Bay is certainly worth it. You may do it all by yourself to enjoy some peace and quiet or you might want to bring your entire family to experience sports fishing in the best way possible. The best thing about choosing Tampa Bay as your fishing adventure destination is that you could simply charter a boat that would take you to the appropriate offshore spot where to catch your precious bottom fishes.