No UV Please

Staying out under the sun can be fun but does have its consequences – sun burns, eye damage, dehydration, premature aging, immune system suppression, and certain skin illnesses. Thus, it is advisable to find ways to shield your body from the sun and its harmful rays.

Applying sunscreen and sun block is among the most effective ways to protect your body. Look for a product with high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and have ingredients that will not harm your skin. Products that indicate “broad-spectrum” at the label is usually better because it can filter different types of ultraviolet rays – UVA, UVB, and UVC.

Remember, sunscreen contains chemicals that absorb the sun’s rays before it penetrates the skin, thereby, just “screening” the rays. On the other hand, sun block does not allow the sun to penetrate the skin at all. Thus, it is often preferable to use sun block over sunscreen.

Another way to protect your body is to wear cool, light clothing that cover most parts of the body. Then, you can use a cap or hat to protect your head but you can also use an umbrella which offers a larger coverage.

Sun glasses, especially those with UV filters, add protection to your eyes. Wrap-around sunglasses also provide more protection. Remember that the eye and