Port St Joe Tripletail Fishing

Florida is a very expansive destination with endless activities and locations to discover. Many destinations in Florida remain untouched and unseen by many tourist and travelers. One of the best parts about this is the ability to get out in the outdoors and have most of it to yourself. A Port St Joe Tripletail fishing charter is all you need to have a great experience in the Panhandle.

Florida’s Forgotten Coast is a great destination for anglers that are looking for a unique fishing adventure. Two locations pose some of the best inshore fishing in Florida including Port St Joe and Apalachicola. These destinations are within the 200 miles of coast line that provides a haven for inshore fishing. Natural preserves surround the area fostering growth and exceptional fishing.

St Joe Bay is a hot spot for productive fishing adventures especially for inshore. 15 miles of crystal clear water makes for a perfect destination for sight fishing. It is an aquatic preserve where the inshore species including tripletail, redfish, black drum, sea trout and many more hold year round. You can get in these waters and sight fish the fish of your dreams.

Tripletail Fishing is what dominates the waterways this time of year. You can land big numbers and some great quality. Captain Shawn Chalker is one of the best guides at producing some excellent bites. Captain Shawn has extensive knowledge of this fishery as he has been fishing St Joe Bay along with Apalachicola Bay since 1966. When you spend that much time on the water, you determine all the keys to success and how to catch the local species.

St Joe Bay also grants access to the Gulf of Mexico where you can run out to some local reefs and wrecks. On these reefs you can catch grouper, snapper and the mighty Amberjack.

Inshore fishing inside Port St Joe is one of the best because of the water clarity. It is beyond clear allowing for excellent inshore fishing. Sight fishing dominates most times of the year. There is nothing like casting upon a big redfish and watching him eat the bait. Exciting fishing can be held in this area of Florida and we truly want you to experience it.

Captain Shawn adventured out with Nick on an inshore fishing adventure. They caught and released more than 18 Tripletail in their quick fishing charter. The action is hot and heavy here and you don’t want to miss it. Nick had an awesome time catching Tripletail. If you have never caught one before, it has to go on your bucket list. They have great strength and are very exciting to catch.

When traveling to Florida, make sure you consider the Forgotten Coast. You never know what you will stumble upon. Also, don’t forget while you are here to get your line wet and get to experience this beautiful destination. Inshore fishing whether in Port St Joe or Apalachicola is incredible and will provide you an unique view of what Florida Inshore Fishing has to offer!

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