Unique qualities of shark teeth

shark teethSharks have no body skeleton; its skeletal structure is comprised mostly of cartilage. Only the teeth are left as evidence of the existence of an individual shark. Sharks are best known for being ferocious predators and for having jagged, oblique, and serrated triangular teeth that have plenty of unique qualities.

Most of the creatures blessed with teeth have a fixed number of sets. For instance, in people, we have milk teeth that are replaced by permanent teeth. Well, shark teeth are not like that. If you’ll look close, you’ll notice that there are rows and rows of teeth inside the shark’s mouth. Now, the best part about these teeth is that these continually move to the front row. When these are in the front row, they only have about 10 days of life as front liners before they are shed or less if they fall off when the shark attacks a rather difficult-to-tear pray.

Another thing, most of the teeth are held fast by a very strong fibrous tissue that makes the shark teeth become erect when the mouth is opened. With front-facing sharp teeth, the shark will surely have a firmer grip on its victim. Also, this fibrous tissue makes the shark deadly even after it died. So many accounts have been told and written about shark jaws (which are left to dry) that suddenly snap shut, hurting those whose hands have lingered too long inside them.

Also, each of these strong teeth bears a smaller tooth. That is why the shark has a very nasty, often fatal, bite. Read more facts about shark teeth.