Surfing Florida!

One of the best places to get stoked about surfing & water sports is in Florida. Here, there are 1,350 miles of coastline, quite a lot to explore, and is also known as the surfing Mecca of the East Coast. Approximately 40% of the East Coast surfing population is located here in Florida.

Great Swells in Florida Beaches

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons for surfing in Florida is the great swells or waves that come up to the coastline which are perfect for surfing. However, though Florida may be home to some quality surfing spots, the swells are also pretty inconsistent. So before heading off to surf in Florida, it is best to know when the great swells appear.

The best time to surf in Florida is during the summer cyclone season from August to October. The swells coming in at this time come from the cyclones tracking from Africa to the Caribbean which produce great waves measuring up to 10 feet. This type of wave is perfect for surfing because it provides surfers the opportunity of a long, continues surf which is open for any exhibition a surfer would dare.

Best Surfing Spots

The most famous and also the busiest surfing spots in Florida would be Cocoa Beach and Sebastian Inlet. However, any beach in Florida can be great for surfing because of its warm water, sandy beaches, and the warm sun.

Florida has produced a massive fan base for surfing that there are surf shops and surfing schools available throughout the coast. First time surfers don’t have to bring anything including experience because everything can be provided for right near the beach.