The Dolphin Whisperer

Dolphins are one of the most fascinating creatures in the ocean. These creatures are closely related to porpoises, manatees, and whales, and they come in over forty different species of dolphins. These playful mammals are often found shallower seas that are within those with continental shelves.

Dolphins are also known to be playful and intelligent, which has caught the attention of many humans. This ability to cross boundaries and somewhat communicate with humans through their actions has become one of the fascinating traits that dolphins possess. Not only that but the interaction amongst the dolphins, as well as their playful antics, has made dolphins one of the most memorable water mammals known to man.

Dolphin Communication

Since dolphins do not talk as humans do, humans have to rely on interpretations of the dolphins actions and behavior. This is not a simple task to do, but it can be fun trying to learn how to properly interpret a dolphin. These people can consider themselves, a Dolphin Whisperer.

Perhaps the best way of interpreting dolphins is to spend time with them. This can be done through scuba diving or swimming with the pods. A pod is a group of approximately twelve dolphins. This is a way of surviving for the group as they travel across the wide-open sea. Since dolphins are not harmful, they are known to often playfully interact with humans instead of making plans to devour them. To know whether a dolphin is no longer shy with you, extend your hand and as soon as it allows you to pet it, you will then have gained another friend. Common playful acts dolphins do is to stand up on their hind fins or do leaps on the water.

Communication between dolphins is done through the use of whistles, clicks, and other vocalizations.  This mode of communication has fascinated scientists for a long time, and often they have tried to breach into this mode of communication, and have come up with promising results. They are seen as complex auditory signals that may mean something for other dolphins. These sounds are often used to tell other dolphins about danger or about the presence of food. These may also be used as mating calls.