Storing Lobster

Not all lobsters that are caught go directly to a steamer or pot. When you buy a lobster, you should keep in mind the basic steps when keeping a lobster in storage. To properly do this, here are some steps to properly preserving lobsters until they are brought out to be cooked.

First off, do not keep the lobster exposed too long without storing it. Ideally, lobsters need to be cooked as soon as they reach the kitchen, but they can live for at most 2 days, provided that they are stored and cared for properly. Then again, the lobster will not stay fresh long, and if the lobster is not exactly freshly caught when purchased, chances are that it will not last 2 days in storage.

If you are planning to buy a freshly caught lobster, the best place to visit is the fish market. There, you can find dealers who regularly receive fresh seafood such as fish, shrimps, crabs, lobsters and others.  Buyers should avoid purchasing seafood items in supermarkets as most of the seafood products featured in supermarkets have often stayed long in shelves and have gone past their prime.

Now that you have your lobster, make sure that you do not drown it. Sure, it does survive in water, but contrary to common beliefs, you should not cover a lobster totally with water as this could suffocate it. Instead, keep the lobster’s gills regularly moistened, pack it into a container filled with damp seaweed or newspaper. You can also store it in a brown paper bag that has breathable holes. Keep away from plastic bags though, as this has the same suffocating effect as drowning your lobster.

Lastly, ensure that your lobster stays kicking long enough for it to be cooked by keeping it in a cold and controlled environment. Once you have done al of these things, you have now successfully learned how to store a lobster.