Safety in the Field

Safety is extremely imperative during outdoor activities such as hunting. Those who love hunting frequently are known to spend their time with dangerous weapons, but they are nevertheless included when practicing safety measures. Hunters should always be a step ahead with their actions, as a result, those who are well experienced are encouraged to introduce safety trips to new hunters, who are coming along for the hunt. Here are a few basic rules that hunters should follow at all times.

First of all, hunters should treat their disarmed gun or bow with the same respect that they would with those which are loaded. In addition, hunters should assume that their weapon is always armed. Keeping this in mind can help prevent accidental shooting accidents. Next, hunters should never point their crosshairs at anyone when unloading their weapons. This is simply because accidents can happen anytime and anywhere.

Never to Safe

The third rule applies to the actual hunt. It is important to have the presence of mind and keep an eye on the target. That is not the time to be jittery and unsure when handling the weapon. Fourth, hunters should clearly identify their target before taking it down. This is important since there are a large number of individuals and animals that are mistakenly shot by game hunters every year.

The fifth thing you should think about is ear safety. Many hunters will sacrifice their hearing just to hear animals coming. Hunters should put a soft protective earplug in the ear which is closest to the hunter’s weapon.

Lastly, always keep your gun clean and well maintained. When unloading the weapon make sure to leave the chamber open. Then, check for any foreign materials inside the barrel. In the event that the weapon is accidentally dropped, automatically dismantle, clean, and put it back together to prevent mishaps from happening. As with any piece of hunting gear, a clean weapon is a functional weapon.