Top Ten Bikes For Trail Riding

Sports junkies who love biking on mountainous trails should have at least one of these top 10 bikes at their disposal. here are the top 10 bikes we think can rock your world……….

  1. Trek Fuel EX 8 – This famous trail bike has good suspension system in both wheels. It allows the rider to have a smooth ride over rugged terrain and mountain sides. The Fuel EX 8 also has an excellent pedaling performance and handling.
  2. Kona Cadabra – Kona Cadabra is a bike that has its own adjustable suspension system and handles the most rugged terrain.
  3. KHS XC 604 – This bike is best for those who want a versatile cross-country bike without breaking anything in its path.
  4. Trek 4300 Disc – This bike is a lot cheaper than some bikes with full wheeled suspension system. Having an aluminum space frame this trail bike is lightweight and with powerful disk brakes.
  5. Specialized Hardrock Sport – Those who are just starting to ride bikes on mountainous trails should start off using this bike. The hardrock sport bike offers bikers the use of a tough and rock solid frame.
  6. Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp – One of the most durable trail mountain bikes is the Stumpjumper FSR. This bike has a strong space frame that can stand enormous pressure put into it.
  7. Santa Cruz Nomad – With longer legs than most trail bikes and a lot less bulk than most bikes, the Nomad sits in a class of its own.
  8. Santa Cruz Blur LT – The Blur is best for trailing mountain sides because of its rugged suspension system.
  9. Trek Fuel EX 9.8 – Trek Fuel EX 9.8 is also one of the best trail bikes because it offers a smooth ride in rugged rock landscapes.
  10. Yeti ARC – The Yeti ARC is best for trailing country side tracks because of its flexible suspension system and reliable disk brakes.