Boat shoes- a Tarpon fisherman’s best friend!

The best shoes to wear on a boat are simple and it is known as boat shoes. Boat shoes, also known as deck shoes, are mainly worn to withstand the slippery condition often experienced in the deck of the boat.

Advantage of Boat Shoes

Boat shoes do not only provide anti-slip properties, it is also quite comfortable. These shoes are also perfect for boat wear because they are one of the fast-drying shoes in the industry. Fast-drying shoes mean anti-microbial protection so your feet are free from bad smells.

boat shoesBoat shoes are made of leather which are resistant to water. It is perfect to wear when out on a leisure day of fishing, sailing or yachting. Aside from wetness and slip protection, boat shoes are also capable of giving you good posture.

Anti-slip properties of boat shoes are owed to its specially designed treads. It treats give its wearers sure footing as well as prevent scraping and scuffing the surface of the boat. One of the most common accidents on boating trips is caused by slips and falls. In order to prevent this, it is best to wear the right kind of shoes. They also help in getting and out of the boat quite easily.

Maintaining Your Boat Shoes

Boat shoes may be designed to withstand rough conditions on a boat, in order to keep its properties working, it must be maintained regularly. This can be done by applying quality oil to the leather to maintain its water resistance and suppleness. Insoles of the shoes should also be removed, sprayed, and allowed to air dry to prevent growth of bacteria or fungi. Worn soles should be repaired or replaced to ensure maximum slip protection.

Don’t miss out on getting your feet comfortable in a pair of boat shoes while landing that Tarpon of a Lifetime next time Visiting the Florida Keys on an iOutdoor Fishing Adventure!