Lures: a must in your offshore, flats, inshore and backcountry tackle box.

Let’s admit it, when fishing, nothing can beat the use of live natural bait to lure in fish. The only problem is though, natural bait, much more a live one, is hard to come by during some months. That is why, anglers are thankful for the presence of artificial lures. The idea behind the design of every artificial bait is that is should mimic bait fish’s movement, vibration and color, making it believable enough to entice the fish to bite.

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There are different kinds of artificial lure manufacturers in the market today, and choosing the right one is critical to a successful fishing expedition. Lures can actually resemble a fish or not, and may have moving parts or not. As to the question of whether lures need eyes, the house is divided between those who believe it is essential and those who think that it is not necessary at all.

Proponents of those who do not believe that lures must necessary have eyes, have proven over the years that lures with eyes – even more, lures which resemble bait fish – can be done away with. In fact, fly fishing uses artificial flies that look like a mixture of furs and feathers designed to represent all kinds of fish prey including bait fish, worms and insects among others. And, advocates fly fishing have proven that pike, bass, trout, salmon and other game fish could be caught with the use of artificial fly. Thus, lures with eyes are not essential to an angler.

Those who think that eyes are important, on the other hand, believe that not all fish species could be easily tricked by movement or sound alone; some being reliant primarily on their keen eyesight like the rainbow trout. Fish species such as these then could be difficult to lure in with bait that doesn’t look like a fish. In such case, it wouldn’t hurt to add eyes on the lures to mimic the look of natural baitfish eyes.

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