Sharks! A versatile game fish for inshore and offshore anglers!

Sharks aren’t just eating machines, they are smart underwater creatures. While it was never studied in depth before, but it is now observed that sharks have a form of communication. Shark communication is different from other underwater animals like dolphins and whales because sharks do not emit sounds. It is also hard to study their communication methods because sharks are often loners.

A versatile game fish

Amazing Shark Senses

There are shark senses, well-enhance compared to that of a human or other underwater creature that helps them with their communication. First of all, sharks have an acute sense of hearing. They are able to hear sounds at very low frequencies. They are also believed to have a “sixth sense”, meaning they are able to pick up vibrations and electric currents from other sharks in the water.

Communicating with Movements

Through observation, it has been studied that sharks mostly communicated with the use of actions and movements. When preparing to attack, sharks are a versatile game fish that observes and circles around their prey. Aggression is also a means of communication for sharks especially when fighting each other for control of the prey.

Aggressive movements and actions have also been observed when sharks are out to mate. When mating with a female, sharks can become very aggressive. They even bite down a female to hold her in place while mating.

Further Studies

Much of what people know about shark communication is based on theory. Further research still needs to be done on these silent yet dangerous creatures to further understand how they communicate.