Destin fishing always a load of funSummer is in full tilt for vacation time so why not avoid the soaring temperatures and head to the water?

On a recent vacation to Destin, Florida, we saw first-hand the constant demand for people wanting to go deep-sea fishing.

The Destin Harbor is an awesome place to visit at any time. The countless number of fishing boats going out and coming into the harbor is truly an amazing site.

Some vacationers choose to bring or rent jet skis to scoot about the waterway. Other relaxing options are sailboat or pontoons where you can take a relaxing cruise into the bay on the intracoastal waterway away from the hustle and bustle of the harbor and pass.

Another option for families that want an excursion on the water are the “Glass Bottom Boats” that offer a chance for visitors to get a close up view of the bottle nose dolphins that grace the Destin Pass and calm surf each day.

No doubt the most popular attraction is fishing.

Besides the pearl white beaches and emerald blue waters, Destin is known for its world-class fishing.

The choices are simple for anglers. You can choose a private charter or go out on one of the party boats for a few hours of fishing. The hardcore anglers can also just fish from the bridge or the jetty. There must be something to fishing from a bridge because so many folks do it. I wonder what type of fish they are fishing for or they just take whatever bites their hook.

The charter boats are by far the most popular way to go fishing for the best experience.

Everything is included from the tackle, bait, ice and air-conditioned cabin, plus there’s the most valuable part: the deck hands ready to assist at a moment’s notice. They assist with baiting the hooks, removing the catch and even sharing the best spots to fish. You can reserve a charter for a half day, all day and some even overnight.

A couple of years ago, I experienced an overnight trip anchored to an oil rig about 75 miles off shore. This is one night that I will never forget because the swells were 3 to 4 feet and I did not get a bit of rest. In spite of the long night, it was a lot of fun and we caught our share of red snapper.

The “party boat” option is more affordable and can be just as fun. There are usually upwards of 30 to 40 people on the boat. Some of the people may bring their own bait and tackle. You also need to provide your own food and drink. The most common fish that seem to be caught are red snapper, mango snapper and Spanish mackerel. I am not very fond of the mackerel. They’re fun to catch but not so good to eat.

The annual Bill Fishing Tournament was this weekend in Sandestin. I am anxious to see the results and the fish caught. This is some serious fishing.

So, if you are heading down to the beach, you may want to consider taking a fishing trip. There are many options for a good time. Just be sure to take your Dramamine if you are prone to motion sickness.

Rob Newman SPECIAL to the Advertiser