Hunting for wild boar is an exhilarating experience as it keeps people in touch with their ‘wild’ side. Although wild boar hunting can be accomplished with modern weapons like rifles, shotguns, and handguns, it would be more extremely memorable if the hunt is made with a tool people used in primitive days – the bow.

Imagine aiming that bow to a wild boar that is charging towards a hunter. That image alone is not an easy one to forget and thus makes bow hunting for wild boar or hog and increasingly popular activity, especially in Florida.

What is a Florida Wild Boar?

The Florida Wild Boar is described as the classic American razor-back, piney woods rooter. These boars are not native to Florida but about one million of feral hogs live in the state. A large wild boar hog usually weighs over 200 pounds. A boar that has two long tusks that measure 2 inches from the gum line is considered a trophy tusk.

Wild Boar in Florida

Florida wild boar bow hunting is a challenge. Using a bow allows for clean shots, however, it requires several shots in order to be able to put the hog down. This is especially not easy when a hunter is facing a charging hog. There are different kinds of bows used and recommended for wild hog hunting in Florida. These include the longbow, compound bow, recurved bow, and crossbow. For the crossbow, it must have a minimum draw weight of 35 pounds. The best way of hunting for wild boar in Florida with the use of a bow is from a swamp buggy. This offers hunters a height advantage plus the ability of the boar to move through the heavy brush and marsh offers an extra advantage for hunters using a bow. Ground-level bow hunting is also as effective when it comes to hunting wild boar.

Florida Wild Boar Hunting Season

The state of Florida does not require a hunting license to hunt for wild boar. Florida wild boar hunting season is year-round on private land in the state. Hunters are allowed to hunt every day of the calendar year including Sundays and also all holidays. Hunting can be done either in the morning which starts at 7:00 a.m. or in the afternoon beginning 12:00 noon.

Hunters should remember to bring the essentials when going wild boar bow hunting in Florida. No special type of equipment or items are needed; just the essential extra clothing, bug spray, camera, drinking water, rain gear, ice cooler, and large plastic bags.