Floating amongst the Trees!

One recreational outdoor activity that will not only allow you a bird’s eye view of an area. But also an exhilarating air adventure is hot air ballooning. One of the oldest successful human carrying flight systems in the world. Hot air balloons at present are more often used for recreation purposes than transportation. They are a common sight during special community events especially balloon festivals. During hot air balloon festivals, they would colorfully dot the skyline and make quite a picturesque scene. In most cases, they are flown while still tied with ropes to the ground to allow passengers short rides without drifting away.

A hot air balloon ride especially for first timers is quite an unforgettable experience. Although some people usually dread the takeoff part. Once fully elevated, the bird’s eye view of everything below usually makes passengers forget their alarm. Allowing them to feel as if they are on top of the world. Lack of feeling of movement, defiance of gravity and immaculate silence also make hot air ballooners feel a sense of wonderment. All these stir among passengers a sense of wonderment and mixed emotions that balloon rides make a usual romantic stop for couples.

A Great Understand of Floating amongst the Trees in Flight

Understanding how a hot air balloon flies requires no degree in physics. The main reason why the balloon rises from the ground is due to its propane burners which release hot air. Because warm air easily rises over cooler air, the warm air trapped inside the balloon allows the aircraft to lift from the ground. Easy as it may seem, however, hot air ballooning should not be tried without professional assistance. Just enjoy your ride and leave the piloting to people who have proper instruction from hot air balloon pilot schools.

Before setting out for hot air ballooning, make it sure to bring your camera as you will surely regret not taking shots. Also remember to pack some champagne with you as it is tradition upon landing to make a champagne toast!