Turkey Calling 

There are plenty of methods to employ when hunting for turkey. The use of a decoy is one of the most common ways to bring the turkeys within range of the hunter’s guns or arrows. Still, the good old turkey calling methods can bring the gobblers within range even without the use of an inflatable decoy. Of course, there is no single method that can attract these gobblers but employing different tactics in a hunt can usually increase your chances of bringing one home.

Calling Devices

Many calling devices are available – friction and air-operated mouth devices. At any given time, one device might work better than the other but there is no guarantee that it will bring a gobbler within shooting distance. Thus, most hunters bring more than one calling device that they use alternately to lure the turkeys.

Each device will mimic and entice different sounds. Analyze and practice each one in order to have the most success. Check out these wild turkey sounds!

Ways to Call

There are different ways to call the turkeys – employ varied calls, especially if the turkey loses interest and walks away. Often, a call imitating a hen would be useful to lure a tom; however, this call can also be used to lure a hen who would surely be spitting mad that another hen is calling her man. The call imitating a male turkey is also useful to bring a male to the spot where he thinks another male is offering a challenge. However, it is always better to use a hen call to lure a male.

Upon hearing or spotting a gobbler, use a call; repeat it after 3-5 minutes. If the turkey gobbles back and investigates, repeat the call. It might also be good to vary the calls to keep the turkey interested or to make him think that he is successfully attracting a hen.