Catching Our Predators that Lurk in the Deep Shark Fishing

Catching Our Predators that Lurk in the Deep

The state of Florida has vast deep sea waters teeming with natural predators such as sharks. These waters provide a great venue for a dangerous and exciting hunt: shark fishing.

It is important to understand and remember at all times that sharks are dangerous. They are known to attack people, especially when provoked – this makes the hunt more exciting and challenging, of course. That is why thousands of people visit Florida during shark fishing season, usually in summer.

The best bait to use for a shark is a smelly, bloody one – it does not always matter if the bait is dead or alive as long as it gives off the scent of blood. It is said that the shark has the most accurate sense of smell and could sense even just 1 drop of blood in as much as 1 billion drops of water. Because of this fact, you will likely lure at least one to your bait.

What possible species will you catch when shark fishing in Florida? Well, the Florida Keys is known to be home to several species of shark, including the hammerhead, mako, tiger, dusky, blacktip, bull, lemon, sandbar, bonnethead, black nose, and nurse. Of course, the tackle and line to be used may vary across these species, especially because these species differ in size, food, and behavior.

Although shark fishing is often done at daytime, some professional guides offer fishing expeditions at dusk that end up at dark – a more challenging twist to the already dangerous hunt.