So Many Kayaks, So Little Time

A kayak is distinguishable from its shape and size. It is completely different from a canoe. Defined, a kayak is a small boat with a deck that is propelled with the use of a two blade paddle by someone sitting. On the other hand, a canoe by definition is open and is propelled by a single blade paddle by someone kneeling. The use of a kayak has grown widely and largely popular nowadays. Newer kinds of kayaks are emerging because of its different uses on different waters.

Types of Kayaks

The types of kayaks depend largely on the kind of water they are used on. Kayaking can be done on various waters including whitewater, rapids and waterfall kayaking; ocean or sea kayaking; flat-water stream kayaking; and lake and pond kayaking. Generally, there are five main categories for different types of kayaks namely, recreational kayaks, touring or sea kayaks, whitewater kayaks, downriver kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Each Kayak

Recreational kayaks can be described as stable and easy to paddle. This type of kayak is best for beginners and is designed for use over lakes, bays and slow moving water. It usually comes in different sizes and is even equipped with storage areas. Touring or sea kayaks are long and stable and is recommended for extended trips. This kayak tracks well in a straight line but is harder to turn compared to shorter boats. The whitewater kayak is agile but is also less stable. It is designed to fit tightly around the body, and is capable of making quick turns and is easy to maneuver. Downriver kayaks are used for racing by advanced kayakers and are usually long and narrow, specifically designed for speed. However, this kayak is easy to tip. Lastly, the sit-on-top kayak’s design is made so the kayaker sits on top of the boat and the kayaker’s body is not enclosed. This is less stable than other kayaks and kayakers easily fall out of the boat.

It is important to choose the right type of kayak to use depending on the water sport activity the kayaker has planned. Using the right type of kayak not only helps make the kayak experience an easy one but also a more comfortable and enjoyable one for the kayaker.