Finding BIRDS!

The best time of year to bird watch largely depends on where you are and what you expect to see. Technically, any day would be a good day because there’s bound to be a bird flying somewhere at any given time. In fact, you can go bird watching on your front or backyard anytime you want.

Still, if you are serious about bird watching, spring is among the best seasons to go. This is the time when they are displaying a wide variety of full color breeding plumage. You’ll also hear them singing and calling to each other in this courting season.

Summer is also a good option because the birds are nesting and would probably follow the same pattern day after day – find food to bring to their young. So, it would be easy to spot them, searching for food. However, by the end of summer, there are less birds venturing out as most species undergo molting.

You should be on the lookout for spring and fall migrations. At these times, you’ll be seeing hundreds or even thousands of the same species traveling together. It is best to go bird watching during early mornings when the birds are more active, calling each other and flying around. There are certain places that migratory birds frequent year after year; thus, you might want to go bird watching there.

Seeing rare birds is one of the dreams of a bird watcher. For this, you might want to listen to the weather report are certain conditions lead to drift migration of species that don’t usually fly to a certain place.