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Hello this is Capt Chris Taylor here with your fishing report forTampa Bay.

With the end of Winter in sight, and the weather being mildly warmer many anglers are looking to wet their lines as the new year starts to race by. It was time for a Florida Fishing Adventure For Sheepshead in Tampa Bay. They have made their way into Tampa Bay in great force and they are well known for their dominant presence during the winter months, and historically peak in their numbers February and March.

Sheepshead are a blast to catch on light tackle, and make for great table fare. They can be found at any of the Tampa Bay bridges, docks, seawalls, and jetties. I always travel to my favorite Mangrove Snapper spots this time of year to find Sheepshead. Sheepshead desire the same structure and environment as Mangrove Snapper. Most of the time when fishing these areas you will catch more Sheepshead than Snapper just because of their great numbers during these months.

Choice of baits to use are live shrimp, and Fiddler crabs. These baits should be presented on a size 1/0 hook free-lined using 20-25 lb fluorocarbon leader, or your favorite 1/8-1/4 oz. Jig-head. Where theirs one their are a bunch waiting to try and steal your bait.

Counting Sheep is quite important when catching these guys because you can fill a cooler quick when the bite is right.

For all your fishing needs, Contact iOudoor or Captain Chris Taylor for a trip of a lifetime Counting Sheep.

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