Florida Red Tide

When you think of Florida, you think of beautiful beaches and an abundance of wildlife and exceptional fishing. Every year, the Southwest Coast of Florida gets affected by naturally occurring algae known as Red Tide. The Florida Red Tide happens to be one of the strongest yet this year. Even though this may be the case, Florida loves its natural ecosystems and fisheries greatly and is endlessly working to bring balance back to our local communities.

Nature will always strike, whether it is algae blooms, hurricanes or other natural stressors that cause people to unite. One of the blessing about Florida is that we always come together to make an effort to maintain and improve our communities and local ecosystems. Floridians will not be affected for a long period of time when we set our mind together to find a solution to our problems we may face every year.

Governor Rick Scott, a larger supporter in the outdoor industry, local communities, tourism and our beautiful beaches has declared a state of emergency to help those counties affected by these toxic algae. Our government is doing everything it can to revive our natural fisheries and ecosystems that have been struck by the Florida Red Tide. They want those travelers and visitors to enjoy all that Florida has to offer.

Governor Scott will “continue taking an aggressive approach by using all available resources to help our local communities as well as provide significant funding and resources to communities experiencing red tide so we can combat its terrible impacts.” – flgov.com There is nothing that our local communities and governments won’t do in order to clean our beaches, improve ecological balance and bring our visitors safely back to the beaches they once enjoyed.

Florida Fishing whether freshwater or saltwater is a staple outdoor activity for locals and visitors. It is essential to regain balance to our fisheries along with initiate a plan to find solutions for the future. Every community member, government official and tourism board member are coming together collectively to find an effective solution.

Visit Florida, the official site for state travel, tourism and vacation planning has been order by Governor Scott to set a plan for Tourism Recovery. They created a “$500,000 emergency grant program to assist local tourism development boards in counties affected by the naturally-occurring red tide, which include Collier, Lee, Charlottee, Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.” It will be essential to bring awareness to the recovery of our communities and beaches once the Florida Red Tide has subsided. Recovery is right around the corner and we will be glad to have our communities back up and running with safe waters and lively ecosystems especially in Cities like Fort Myers, Tampa, Sarasota and Naples.

We are looking forward to seeing you back here in Florida getting to enjoy this breath-taking travel destination as soon as possible. Experiencing all that Florida has to offer especially outdoor activities is the most important part of visiting Florida. Everyone here in Florida is doing everything we can to get this wonderful place to our tourist standards as well as our local communities!

If you are planning your next vacation to Southwest Florida and want to experience the incredible fishing, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to answer any questions you may have about conditions and fishing conditions. Uncover all that Florida has to offer with great outdoor activities.

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