Miami Saltwater Trout Fishing

If you are exploring what is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, make sure you get to experience all it has to offer. Miami, Florida is vibrant with life and activity but did you ever wander what you can catch in those blue waters. Come enjoy a Miami Saltwater Trout Fishing adventure next time visiting South Florida.

Miami’s Biscayne Bay is filled with endless adventures and species of fish to catch. Biscayne Bay is a shallow water estuary, a place where the freshwater from the mainland mixes with the saltwater from the sea. One of the hidden gems of this is that the bay provides and serves as a nursery for marine life. Throughout this nursery you will find excellent areas to catch the fish you are after.

When you go out Miami saltwater trout fishing, you can either practice catch and release or harvest within FWC limits. We also recommend catch and release but we also understand that the regulations are set in place to help keep a balance within the ecosystem. Sea Trout, Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook and more all inhabit this beautiful place that can truly give you an experience worth-while.

Miami Inshore Fishing is one of the best ways to get out in the Bay and explore what it has to offer. Sit back and enjoy while our local experts give you a tour of the Bay along with getting you in the waters to set the hook on the species you were hoping for. Sea Trout are a great species to catch especially if you are bringing along the family.

Captain Brian Leibowitz is our local expert that can cover all the bases when inshore fishing in Miami. Not only will he entertain you like no other, he will educate you on how to land that species you are after. Every fishing trip out on the water with Captain Brian is an adventure!

Andrew was traveling from Lafayette, Louisiana this summer to Miami, Florida. While he was here, he wanted to get out on the water and soak up the sun in a different way. Lafayette is a fisherman’s paradise but when visiting Miami he found another one, Biscayne Bay.

Miami saltwater trout fishing can be incredible fun during its peak seasons. Throwing top water artificial baits and jigs can lead to an extremely exciting bite. Berkley Gulp was the most effective bait on this fishing trip. Andrew caught numbers of speckled sea trout which made for an excellent day on the water. He also fought and landed a shovelnose shark. This was Andrews’s first time fishing with ultra light tackle. All of his catches came on 8 pound test line.

Andrew also believed in catch and release and let all his fish swim another day. It is a true pleasure to be able to contribute back, allow someone new to experience this ecosystem and also help maintain and provide another person the chance to catch the same fish again. Miami is the ultimate fishing destination to do this!

Captain Brain is looking forward to getting back out on the water with Andrew next time he visits Miami. Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure inshore fishing in Miami. You just never know what you will set the hook into!

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting Miami.

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