Who doesn’t love fishing! The sun, the wind, and a fish at the end of the day; can anything describe a perfect day better. Fishing is a great sport too. However, there are different types of fishing and taking the time to learn the difference between the two major types, freshwater and saltwater, can help you understand what your next fishing trip is going to be.

Differences Between Freshwater Fishing and Saltwater Fishing

The Rod

Fishing Rod

A rod is the first requirement for any fishing trip. But the rods used in both saltwater and freshwater are different. The rods used in saltwater fishing are made of flexible fiberglass and are longer and larger than freshwater rods. These rods are built to withstand the salt from the water as well as a great deal of force and tension while catching fish. These rods are larger as the fishes you catch in saltwater are mostly bigger than freshwater fishes.

Saltwater fishes are almost always larger than freshwater fishes since they have more space and favorable conditions to grow. You’ll need a stronger rod so that these larger fishes do not break it. Larger poles will also be more flexible to accommodate the reeling process of these heavier fishes.

Saltwater is also corrosive so, these poles are resistant to corrosion. You can certainly use a saltwater rod while fishing in freshwater too, but a freshwater rod is not suitable for saltwater fishing.

Type of Fish

Types of fish

Another difference is that the type of fish we catch in saltwater is different than freshwater.

The most common freshwater fish are:
and more

These are going to be white meat fishes and smaller in size compared to saltwater fishes. They often put up less of a fight than bigger saltwater fishes.

Saltwater fishing will give you the opportunity to catch far more species than freshwater fishing, depending on the location of your fishing trip.

You can catch:
and many more.

These fishes are large and often found further down in the water so, you have to work a bit harder to get them up out of the water. They are going to put up a far more fight than your average bass in the pond behind your grandma’s house.

Freshwater fish is going to die in saltwater. Saltwater fishes have special gills that allow them to process and survive in the saltwater. For a more successful saltwater fishing, you’ll need to talk to your guide to find out what fish you might be able to catch.

The Process

The Process of fishing

The process of fishing in saltwater and freshwater is different as well. In saltwater fishing, you almost always have to go out on a boat. You can get some fish off the shore, but for the big fishes, you’ll need to go out on a boat to get into less crowded deeper water.

If you are looking for freshwater fish, you can go out on a boat or catch them from the bank too. Freshwater is often calm, and therefore you don’t need to go out on the water to find a calm spot like you would for saltwater fishing.

There is also far more danger in saltwater fishing; you can get sun poisoning, you could go overboard, or you could have boat trouble while on deep waters. When deep-sea fishing or saltwater fishing, it is always best to take the time to find a guide who knows the area, and also can help you with the boat and can help you determine the right method for catching so that you are safe and you can get the fish that you want.

No matter what type of fishing you decide to use, you can have a great time fishing, you can truly enjoy your time on the water. Fishing is a great sport; it can help you pass the time, hone your skills, learn about nature, and have a great time no matter which type of fishing trip in Florida you go on.

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