You and Me Swordfishing in the Dark

Swordfishing in the DarkNight fishing is an exciting experience – the thought of reeling in a big catch in almost total darkness sounds like a big challenge. Night fishing for swordfish is becoming more and more popular in Miami, known to be a world-class destination for swordfish and sailfish.


There are plenty of advantages that night fishing has over day angling. It is thought that the chances of catching bigger fish are higher at night. Especially if you don’t really want to venture too far from the shore. An obvious advantage is that the anglers can stay in the open air for as long as they want, without fear of getting sunburnt.

Another advantage is that there are fewer anglers fishing at night than at day time. That is less competition, more elbow room, and better chances of catching fish. At night, even the cleverest of fishes won’t easily identify the bait as connected to a hook and line because of the darkness. If allowed, low light can also be used to lure the fish to the boat.

Going fishing

Of course, there are disadvantages when night fishing. For one, swordfishing in the dark won’t easily see the bait – if they don’t see the bait, they won’t bite; no bite, no catch. That is why, when night fishing, it is important to use bait that either has a strong smell. Aswell, has a life so that the fish can either smell the bait or see movement and swim towards it to investigate. It is also advantageous to use lures that make a sound – clip-on rattles would be practical.

Night fishing can be fun and challenging but easy, too, depending on a lot of factors, of course. Still, it is best to come prepared.