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Have you ever pondered to yourself what the fastest fish swimming in the ocean was? Florida is the ultimate location to experience the best saltwater fishing in the world. It is home to the fastest species roaming the ocean clocking in at a max speed of 70 miles an hour.
The Sailfish is an incredible pelagic species to catch especially during the early summer months here in Florida. Embark on a Florida Sailfish Fishing Charter out of Hillsboro Inlet next time you are visiting.

Pompano Beach is perfectly located on the east coast of South Florida. It holds some excellent waters to adventure out in. The Gulf Stream is close to the shoreline allowing for quick access to excellent saltwater fishing. After exploring the beautiful beaches and awesome eateries, get out on the water for a fishing trip that you will not forget. Take a quick cruise to the best waters to catch sailfish in the state.

Florida Fishing action has been hot and heavy according to Captain Anthony Dipilito. Hillsboro Inlet is the perfect place to adventure out of to catch a variety of species. On this trip, the conditions were lining up for a great day of catching the abundance of fish that were available. Captain Anthony approached his fishing spot with a beautiful northwest wind setting the tone for the trolling that was about to begin.

It was not much time before we began to see some incredible action. Sailfish were everywhere and the water was teaming with potential opportunity. They landed a Wahoo and black fin tuna within the first 20 minutes of trolling our baits. Soon after that the Captain made an adjustment to his location and pointed toward the famous Pompano rodeo wreaks. It wasn’t long before the Chinese fire drill began.

When the Action Began on this Florida Sailfish Fishing Charter:

As they approached the wrecks, 7 lines were out in search for the elusive incredible sailfish. Immediately, they got hooked up to 6 sailfish and it was absolute adrenaline rush. Sailfish were jumping everywhere and it was hard to control and direct where the sails were running. Unfortunately, we only caught and released 2 of them. Another boater was traveling to a similar spot and ran over the lines causing us to lose the rest.

Captain Anthony knew that the action was not going to stop there. He spotted several free jumpers and sails in the swells. After trolling around for a bite and not getting any bites, it was time to make a change. Another effective method to catching sailfish is live bait, especially under a kite. Kites went up and sure enough the fish began to bite. It was a much better experience as all the fish did not bite at the same time. Captain Anthony’s party leader touched 4 more sailfish totaling 6 for the day.

Hillsboro Inlet is a great location to experience this action on a Florida Sailfish Fishing Charter. You can’t beat going out for a quick 4 hour Hillsboro Inlet Sport Fishing Charter and catch 6 sailfish and a Wahoo. Don’t miss out on this amazing fishing here in South Florida. Jump on board one of our cruisers and get hooked up on a fish of a lifetime!

Florida Fishing Sailfish:

Sailfish are not native to the state of Florida. They travel far and wide throughout the whole Atlantic Ocean. The Average size of a sailfish ranges from 30 to 60 pounds, even though most caught are less than 30 pounds. Florida’s record is 116 pounds and it is very rare to catch one over 100 pounds. Many people never get the opportunity to experience what this acrobatic species has to offer. They love to jump, spread their sails and fight incredibly hard. Harvesting is only allowed when the sail is inadvertently killed while being fought. If you happen to kill this incredible offshore species, it is very tasty smoked. Once you get hooked up once on this spectacular offshore pelagic species you will be hooked for life.

One of the downfalls for fishing Sailfish is that the best times to catch them are when the seas are rough. If you have a large enough boat to adventure out in, enjoy reeling in this hard fighter. Sailfish are the fastest fish in the seas. They can chase down bait and out swim any other species. Every Captain and Fishing destination in Florida has their own method of targeting the elusive sailfish.

Light ocean trolling or heavy spinning outfits with lines up to 30 pound test will get the job done when looking to catch a Florida sailfish. As you become more experienced in catching Sailfish you can adventure out and use lighter tackle. In Southeast Florida, most that fish offshore for this species use live bait. The methods to approach live bait would be to use kites or flat line drifting. Blue Runners, Google-Eyes, Pilchards, or Pinfish are the most common and most effective bait to use.

Florida Fishing Experience:

Now is the perfect time to come experience what Florida has to offer for catching Sailfish. The most abundant locations and destinations to catch the Atlantic Sailfish would be from Fort Pierce to the Keys. If you are visiting these areas on vacation in the next couple of months, make sure you adventure out into the deep blue sea and catch a fish of a lifetime. Bring your family on board for a great cruise and scenic experience through some of the best offshore fishing waters on a Florida Sailfish Fishing Charter.

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