Get Out Your Padded Shorts

Biking, whether for recreational or fitness purposes, is one of the most famous recreational pastimes in the world. Not only is it good for the body, bikers also delight in the views they pass upon while cycling. A perfect place to go on biking any time of the year in Florida. Not only is the climate always perfect, but it also has thousands of miles of both on-road and off-road trails in its 67 counties. These trails are also most easily accessible from roads and are designed to accommodate bicycles of all skill levels.

Florida is also known for having bike-friendly infrastructures. In fact, Bicycling Magazine named two Florida cities as part of America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities in the US – the college town of Gainesville and Miami. So the next time you visit these cities, never pass the chance to cycle around.

Bike Away

Most bike trails in Florida are worthwhile to cycle in since they are near parks and beaches and through preserves. One of these trails can be found through the 360,000-acre sanctuary of Ocala National Forest. Another great track is the Pinellas Trail, which has an asphalt biking area of 35 miles stretching from Tarpon to Saint Petersburg.

You can also check out the Withlacoochee Trail. Located between Tribly and Citrus Springs, this 46-mile asphalt trail is popular among the locals as it goes through an unpopulated backcountry, swamps, and farm areas. Also noteworthy are the trails in Alexander Springs Campground and the Kissimmee River National Scenic Trail among countless others.

When biking in Florida trails, get out your padded shorts and make sure that you wear the right gears like a helmet and knee pads. Also, wear comfortable clothes and drink lots of water especially before and during the ride. It would also be not amiss to apply a bug repellant lotion and some sunscreen. Also carry along a first-aid kit, and a flat repair kit and pump as they may come in handy.