Overnight Hiking Trip Must Haves

So you have decided to take an overnight hiking trip. Are you going it alone or will you be with family and friends? Will it be in the balmy summer? How about on some tolerable day in spring or fall? Also, have you found a hiking site of choice?

It really does not matter when you want to hike, who you want to go with, or where you want to go. The important thing is that you make sure that proper precautions and tools are prepared before going on this overnight trip.

One of the first things to do is to secure water or something that will help you get clean water. Keep in mind that hiking is strenuous and you will need to keep yourself well hydrated. It is advisable to take a canteen of water for yourself to drink when going on the hike.

Eventually, you will need to refill the canteen with clean water. This can be done by boiling water that you find. At this point, it is important to map out the sources of water that have been identified throughout the hike.

Another thing that’s important is kindling. You could also take some matches, lighters, or something else that will help you start a fire. Bring a flashlight as well.

Food is always something you have to consider bringing along. Take power bars for the trip. You could also bring some canned dishes along. If you choose to fish for your dinner, the power bars or protein bars are still necessary. You can also bring some source of carbohydrates – rice or potatoes will do.

A tent or a sleeping bag may also be necessary. Determine where you’re going to sleep early on. A tent will protect you from the elements and a sleeping bag will keep you warm. It is also important to take a fresh pair of socks.