Scrape the Bottom for Red Snapper

Red Snappers are one of the favorites of any saltwater angler for many reasons. The Red Snapper displays aggressive fighting abilities, but most of all, it has superb eating qualities and can fetch quite a high price in the market.

The Red Snapper

This type of fish is a bottom dweller and is considered one of the most targeted species for most bottom fishing anglers as well as by commercial fishermen. Red Snappers are in demand in the market for its firm white meat and possess great taste especially when eaten raw.

Red Snappers are identified and named for their color, a brilliant pinkish red over their entire body with the color white below. It has a long triangular snout, an anal fin that is sharply pointed and has no dark lateral spot. Juvenile Red Snappers are often found in shallow waters while big or adult Red Snappers can be found in depths of 100 to 500 feet. The likely places to see Red Snappers are in wrecks, coral reefs, artificial reefs, drop-offs and ledges.

Tips for Catching Red Snapper

Bottom dwellers often respond successfully to live bait. The best bait to use when bottom fishing for Red Snappers is live squid. This is because live squid has a luminous and soft nature which is hard to resist especially for Red Snappers. Other effective live baits include octopus, prawns, flying fish, sardines, mackerels and mantis prawns. Even with the right bait, if not rigged properly, it won’t be of any use. Baits must be rigged in a natural manner such as the bait is made to stay lively and fresh.

With the use of the right tackle and bait, bottom fishing for Red Snappers can be quite eventful. For even higher chances of catching Red Snappers, it is best to use the right fishing techniques. Jigging with metal jigs can be successful for bottom fishing Red Snappers. Other method is fishing from an anchored boat which proves to more productive. Once the Red Snapper is reeled in, anglers should be ready to win a tug of war.

Red Snapper Regulations

Bottom fishing for Red Snappers in Florida is regulated and there are laws surrounding the activity. In Florida, the minimum allowable sizes to be caught are only 20” Atlantic Ocean and 16” Gulf of Mexico. Only two Red Snappers per angler per day are allowable. Other regulations also exist.