Selecting the Proper Bike

A properly fitted bicycle allows the user to cycle comfortably even across great lengths. Meanwhile, an improperly fitted bicycle increases the risk of injuries to the knee and back and could lead to leg, arm, and neck fatigue. That is why it is important to use a proper bike that fits the body size of the user.

Selecting the Proper Bike

Bicycle Type

To find the proper bike for the most perfect fit, it is important to measure your inseam and determine the type of bicycle that you are planning to buy. An inseam is simply the measure of the length of your legs from the underside of your crotch to the lower ankle; you must find the value in inches.

To obtain the frame size ideal for you, use the following guidelines: If you are planning to buy a comfort bike, multiply the inseam by 0.65, then, round it off to the nearest whole number to get the frame size. Follow the same procedure but use 0.59 for mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. Meanwhile, for road bikes, you must first convert your inseam to centimeters by multiplying it with 2.54; after that, follow the procedure above using 0.65.

Bike setup

Saddle height is another important factor in determining the bike size. The comfortable saddle height is determined by sitting on the saddle with one foot on the ground. You have the right fit if 1) you can easily move your weight to the other foot and 2) if you can touch the pedal at the bottom of the stroke with your leg straight.

The position of the handlebars depending on the bike model but you must choose one that is comfortable – not too short, not too near, but, also, not too far.