What is a stinger hook?

Want to increase your chances of hooking that big fish of your dreams or just increase the number of fish you land? Then, better use a stinger hook.

The Stinger Hook

The stinger hook is simply an extra hook added to the existing rig. There are stinger hooks readily available for sale but it is also possible for you to improvise – just tie the hook to a leader line and connect it to your rig, be it a live bait, jig, anything.

Choose a line leader that will be strong enough for the fish you are hoping to catch. Just make sure it will still be as inconspicuous as possible. Common options for the line leader material include a wire, fluorocarbon, or monofilament.

When to use

In general, you can never go wrong with adding a stinger hook to your line – unless you are using crank baits as this could make the line snag easily and could affect movement. Thus, if you are using a jig, lure, live bait, or any other bait, you can use the stinger hook.

When the short-biting fish are just stealing your bait, pulling it by tail, and swimming away without being hooked, then the stinger hook will come handy. Make sure to place the hook as far back into the bait as possible to increase the effectiveness of the setup.

Land more fish, land bigger fish – use a stinger hook the next time you go fishing. Still, check with local regulations and laws if these hooks are not illegal.