Swim with our Sea Dwelling Friends

Dolphin watching is one thing, but swimming with dolphins is a whole new realm. Swimming with dolphins enables humans to interact first hand with the dolphins in their natural habitat, the water.

Where to Go

There are many places that offer swimming with dolphin activities, usually oceanariums and aquariums. It is important to go to certified areas only, and not to just go out in the open water to swim with any dolphin passing by. Though it is not clear cut, there are restrictions when it comes to swimming with dolphins out in the open water. Besides, the added advantage of swimming with these lovely creatures in oceanariums or aquariums is the presence of a trainer or keeper to keep the activity safe between the two parties. Swimming with dolphins in these confined places will also get any interested individual their money’s worth.

Who Can Swim with Dolphins

Not everybody can swim with dolphins. In order to be allowed to swim with these sea creatures, individuals need to be at least six years old and must be comfortable in water that is three feet deep. Children wishing to swim with dolphins who are under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

What to Expect

Swimming with dolphins not only involves pure swimming but other activities as well. These activities include:

  1. the swirl, where dolphins swim in concentric circles around swimmers;
  2. the kiss, where the dolphin puckers their snout to receive a kiss;
  3. the hug, where the dolphin attempts to hug a swimmer with their pectoral fins;
  4. the footpush, where two dolphins push the swimmer from the feet;
  5. the jump, where dolphins are coaxed into jumping into the air and performing tricks;
  6. the dance, where the dolphin dances while the swimmer holds their pectoral fins;
  7. the singing, where dolphins emit their characteristic sounds and;
  8. the signaling, where swimmers are taught basic signals for dolphins to follow.