Want to Try Sky Diving?

Skydiving doesn’t exactly make it to the top of most people’s list. However, for all those people who are feeling adventurous and want to try something extremely exciting, skydiving is one way to do it.

What exactly is Skydiving?

Skydiving is a sport which involves physically healthy people jumping out of a perfectly good plane. There are different types of skydiving which is useful for beginners because it gives them a choice of which way to jump out to the sky. One type of skydiving is the tandem jump, which involves jumping out of the plane harnessed to an instructor. Another type is the AFF or Accelerated Free Fall Level One jump which involves a 5-6 hour training prior to the actual jump. The first time skydiver may also want to choose the “static line” jump which involves jumping out of the plane wherein the parachute is attached to the aircraft and is automatically deployed upon jumping out at the right height. The most commonly used type of jump for first time skydivers is the tandem jump.

Qualifying for Skydiving

In order to qualify to skydive, the individual must be in good reasonable physical shape. Most drop zones also do not allow persons weighing over 110kg to jump. Other restrictions include individuals prone to experiencing fainting, blackouts, or have a weak heart; who are pregnant; or who have heart conditions. The minimum age required for skydiving is 16 years old. For skydivers below 18 years old, a separate letter of consent from a parent or guardian is necessary.

Where to Skydive

Once qualified, the next question to tackle is where to go to skydiving? There are airfields all over the world that offer skydiving services and these are called Drop Zones. Interested individuals may check out their local airfields for drop zones, scheduled drops and lessons available.

When to Skydive

The first time skydiver may choose on his or her own when to skydive, but Drop Zones usually only offer skydiving services when the weather permits. If the wind is too strong or the weather is too cold, no skydiving can take place. Other than that, there are no other restrictions as to when to skydive.

Be Prepared

By being prepared, this means being equipped with the right gear. Interested skydivers don’t have to buy their own equipment as most equipment is available with every drop zone. All a first time skydiver needs to bring is a physically and mentally prepared self, clothes for the weather, and sneakers or close-toed shoes. He or she must also come early on the day of the jump for the signing of paper works and lessons.

What to Expect

Once out in the open air and falling at approximately 120 miles/hour, first time skydivers should enjoy themselves. Of course, it is also important to listen to the instructor, especially on a tandem jump because he or she will be feeding beginners with tips during a jump. While falling, beginners can enjoy a 360-degree view of the world below them. Lastly, expect a good and safe landing.