Scuba the Keys

When in Florida, an activity that should never be missed is to dive at the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys is a beautiful underwater paradise, and where the longest living reef in the western hemisphere can be found. Scuba divers need not worry about seeing the same kinds of coral or the same kinds of fish for in the Florida Keys, the coral reef is endless, fish vary in size and color, and there are over 500 wrecks to explore. All these combined can guarantee anyone who scuba dives in Florida Keys to be left awestruck.

Different Dive Sites in the Keys

There are many different dive sites in the keys. These include the Key Largo dive sites, the Islamorada dive sites, the Marathon dive sites, and the Lower Keys dive sites. Most scuba diving charters in the Keys offer dive charters in these different sites. However, the choice of diving sites will depend on the skill level and interest of the scuba diving visitor.

Preparing to Scuba Dive

There are some, rather, quite a lot of preparations to do before a scuba diving activity in the Keys. First of all, the scuba diving charter will have to check ocean weather conditions for the safety of both the staff and the visitors. These conditions would include meteorological data such as temperature, dew point, sea level pressure, and pressure tendency. Wind data and oceanographic data such as sea surface temperature, wave height, and wave period must also be checked prior to a dive.

The equipments needed for scuba diving can be provided by the scuba diving charter. However, there are numerous shops and rentals for scuba diving equipment in the Florida Keys. The charter and the scuba diving instructors must possess a certification card which is required to dive. The needed dive equipment would include BC, alternate air source, air gauge, and bottom timer or watch.


Scuba diving in Florida Keys is certainly worth it because the reef offers crystal clear waters with visibility of up to 120 feet. It can be done either at night, both of which are always guided by a scuba diving instructor. Aside from viewing the coral reef, an increasingly popular diving activity in the Keys is wreck diving. There are many wrecks available in Keys including Spanish galleons and Civil War wrecks. For those who just can’t seem to get enough of scuba diving in the Keys, there is even an underwater hotel where divers can stay, the first of its kind in the world.