Sailing in the Sunshine State

Since time immemorial, humans already had a fascination with the sea. This human “need” to get intimate with the sea peaks every summer, and during that time, one of the top destinations in the continental U.S. is state of Florida. Southern Florida is lined with an enchanting coastline, making it one of the best places in the world to enjoy the hot sun and the water. In fact, its white sands and crystal blue water is a beacon to tourists who enjoy daily adventure out into the sea. Among the activities that daily entertain them is sailing.

Florida is the perfect place to enjoy cruising on a sailboat with a special someone, friends and family. With Florida’s warm sun perched high above, cool breezes blowing and vast endless ocean to sightsee, anyone onboard a sailboat offshore will surely feel alright not to set foot on land for a time. There are so many places to visit while sailing in Florida – from tropical islands to coastal paradises.

Because it is one of the most visited states by tourists, finding a charter company in Florida is not difficult. There are countless of charter companies in the state offering their services depending on your specifications in terms of size, price and amenities. You can choose from between a cruise period of half a day, full-day, or three or more days. You can also even opt for a short ride like a simple sunset cruise or an island barbeque party. You can highlight your Florida sailing experience with a romantic dinner for two, a group party, or a snorkeling or diving adventure!

Before entering into a charter, ascertain first whether you want a bareboat charter or a charter with a complete crew at your beck and call. Should you have no experience in sailing, it is recommended to hire a crewed sailboat. If you have yet no experience but really are interested in sailing though, you may also opt to enroll in a sailing school first. People interested to sail would surely love to practice maneuvering a sailboat over the blue waters off the coast of Florida. The state is teeming with sailing schools, usually offering sailing instructions from beginner’s level to more advanced courses. Soon, you will be amazed to find yourself sailing out to Florida’s wild blue yonder!

Known for being a great summer destination and its blue waters, Florida is truly a sailor’s paradise! Embark in an unforgettable Floridian vacation off its coast on a sailboat and you will surely keep coming back.