Trolling LuresHow do you troll for DOLPHIN?

Catching a dolphin fish or Mahi-mahi is a fishing experience that must be in your ‘to-do’ list as an angler. This colorful prey, with its neon underbelly, put up such a fight when hooked that it’s exciting to just watch it being rigged in; snaring one is undoubtedly a big adventure altogether! But with such feisty species, how do you troll for dolphins?

Here’s a quick guide to make sure you’ll have a blast on your Mahi-Mahi adventure:

  • Take note that this colorful fish just love semi-hot baits, meaning your bait doesn’t glide too fast nor too slow, but just right. The indication for the right trolling speed is when you see your bait skipping along the water surface. It’s advisable to set up four rods, two on either side of the boat, to maximize your chance to hook some Mahi-mahi.
  • Look for weed lines when you’re trolling for dolphins; the Mahi-mahi are quick to seek shelter from the sun, and they do so by going under any flotsam on the water. Once you find a weed line, troll the edge in one direction and then cross and drive back towards the opposite direction. You’re sure to hook some Mahi-mahi this way.
  • Watch for the presence of flying fish. If this species is in the area, dolphins are surely around too, as they love to follow this baitfish.
  • If you’ve been trolling for quite some time and haven’t caught any dolphins, vary your trolling pace. Either go slow or go fast; the important thing is you switch to a new pace.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to hook a bunch of Mahi-Mahi’s; remember to have fun while doing so!