Wild Boar on the Loose! :

Hunting for wild boar is popular in Florida and can be done on a year-round basis on private lands. The wild boar is considered a trespassing animal; thus, it is not managed by the state of Florida and a hunting license is not required.

The weapon

The best weapon to use to shoot a wild boar is a shotgun with a good sidearm; however, a rifle and a handgun are also good options. When hunting for wild boar, some hunters use trained dogs to seek out the hogs and hold them at bay while the hunter prepares to shoot. However, it is usually more challenging to look for the hogs on your own, then, shoot it while it runs away or charges towards you.

Another option is to use a bow and arrow – crossbows, longbows, compound bows, and others.

Going hunting

There are many companies offering wild boar hunting on private grounds with skilled guides plus hunting dogs. Booking a hunt with them usually ensures that you’ll be able to bring home a wild boar no matter what time of day you set out to hunt.

Although the hogs have poor eyesight, they do have a keen sense of smell and good hearing. Thus, it is good to stay quiet when hunting these species.

Every hunter dreams of gunning down a trophy wild boar – one with tusks that measure at least two inches from the gum line. These prized boars are normally processed and brought to a taxidermist so that you can display your trophy at home.