Long Ride: Try This

Biking or cycling or hiking can be quite a tiresome recreation or sport activity. In fact, first-time bikers, could even feel exhaustion after merely 15 minutes of biking. That is why, it is always recommended for bikers to pack nutritional supplements that can boost their energy and will allow them to keep on going.

Replenishing or refueling your body from outdoor activities like long biking trips is important. Today, there are different types of products available for you to choose from, from oral supplements to topical application gels, foods, and beverages that can easily replenish your body’s depleted electrolytes.

Listed below are some of the energy supplements that can refuel your body after long bike trips:

  • Energy Bars and Gels. These energy food supplements can give you that quick boost of energy you need after a long biking activity. They are compact and light enough to bring with you on the road, fortified with multi-vitamins and minerals, low in calorie content, and also tasty. Most important of all, energy bars and gels are also so convenient that you can even eat them while still cycling!
  • Salt Pills. Salt pills, better known as “salt tablets”, are usually sold in a buffered sodium form. They are used to replace lost sodium during long rigorous physical activity. However, because of the possibility of imbalance in the level of water, sodium and electrolytes in your body, ask for a physician’s advice before taking them.
  • Energy Drinks. Last are energy drinks. Also called “sports drinks”, these are popular electrolyte replenishing supplements in liquid form. They can rehydrate and replenish your body of lost electrolytes better than water. Although they can be quite bulkier to carry around compared to energy bars and salt pills, they are nevertheless, thirst quenchers and tasty as well and come in different flavors. Included among the most popular commercial energy drinks are Gatorade, Powerade, 100 Plus, Red Bull and Monster.

Remember though that the consumption of these energy supplements will not make you a better athlete. They will only prevent you from weakening or collapsing during and after your physical activity like long biking trips. With the help of energy bars and gels, salt pills and energy drinks, you’ll be sure to cycle in a breeze, that extra 10 miles.