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What does “chum the waters” mean?

What does “chum the waters” mean?

chum the watersThere are plenty of meanings for “chum the waters”, depending on the context. The expression may be used to mean “churn the waters” or to make the waters muddy. It also used to indicate that someone got sick on the trip and threw up on the waters. Bird enthusiasts often “chum the waters” by dumping fish to attract seagulls and other sea birds that they, then, try to identify.

Still, in the world of fishing, “chum the waters” means dumping bait or something into the waters to attract fish. What to dump in the water largely depends on what species you are trying to attract. Though, theoretically, any type of bait or fish that you dump into the waters will surely attract many fish species – or the fish that you had lured to the chum will attract bigger fish, the ones that you wanted to land. Well, it is often a win-win situation.

If you are targeting sharks, use a bloody fish. Sharks have a very keen sense of small so that they could smell blood no matter how diluted it might be.

There are many different techniques and devices used in chumming. The simplest is throwing chum directly to the waters but if you want to make the chum last long, you might want to use a perforated bucket attached to a rope that will tug the bucket along as the boat moves. You can also use a mesh bag – and cage, if you are trolling for sharks.

Grinding the chum is also a good idea, though you might still want to add in a few pieces of cut fish.

So, get those baitfish ready and go “chum the waters”.