Why do Fish like the Atlantic Gulf Stream?

It is not whether fish like the Atlantic Gulf Stream or not, rather the importance of the Atlantic Gulf Stream towards marine life. The Gulf Stream is the most important ocean-current system in the northern hemisphere. As an important weather driving force, the warm water temperatures of the Gulf Stream is the reason why there are mild winters and warm humid summers in North America.

The Gulf Stream also plays a role in the productivity of fishing areas. When it comes to fish and underwater wildlife, water temperature plays a key role in the location of different species.

Fish in the Atlantic Gulf Stream

Many of the fish that anglers look and fish for live and swim within the Gulf Stream’s current. Both predator and prey have been living in this current their entire lives. Their location will depend mostly on the water temperature they are most comfortable in.

The Sargasso Sea

Good fishing can also be found in the Atlantic Gulf Stream because of the Sargasso Sea. Many fish move in and out of the Gulf Stream and into the Sargasso Sea. The Sargasso plants, which are the origin of the name Sargasso Sea, get sucked into the Gulf Stream and help provide the basis habitat for marine life within the current. The Sargasso plant is a freely floating living plant that covers the center of the Atlantic Ocean. Good fishing can be done on the ability of the angler or the captain to locate the Sargasso.