Where do Tarpon Hide in Florida?

Being able to catch a Tarpon in Florida is one of the greatest feats an angler can ever achieve and boast about. It isn’t just about following the right technique for tarpon fishing; sometimes, it is also all about fishing in the right location. For an even greater chance of catching tarpons or silver kings, the best place anglers can go to is the waters of Florida.

Prime Location for Tarpon Fishing

There is one place in Florida where a typical 80-day season can produce an average of 5,000 tarpon landed. This fishing hole is considered the world’s best fishing hole to yield tarpons, more than any in one location. The key location being referred to here is Boca Grande Pass. The Boca Grande Pass is located on the Florida Suncoast, just at the mouth of the Charlotte Harbor. Charlotte Harbor is even renowned for being one of the nation’s largest underdeveloped estuaries. It boasts of unspoiled serenity and world renowned fishing, especially tarpon fishing.

Location Theory

It is unknown why tarpons choose to migrate to Boca Grande Pass. There are even many theories surrounding it. In reality, Boca Grande Pass is one of the deepest natural pass in the state, and it is a known fact that tarpons like to stay in deep waters. The depth of Boca Grande can be as deep as 80 feet. It is also the only major outlet of Charlotte Harbor that is fed by two major rivers namely, the Peace and the Myakka.

Boca Grande Pass Attraction

The main attraction in fishing in Boca Grande Pass is the “hill tide”. This is a wonderful event in nature that no tarpon enthusiast should ever miss. During the spring tides of the full and new moon, there are millions of “pass crabs” that get washed out from Charlotte Harbor to spawn. It is during this time that anglers can find a feeding frenzy with giant tarpon getting intoxicated by crabs. Nowadays, however, crab runs are difficult to predict. In the event that anglers find themselves in luck and happen to be in one, chances are they can get up to 4 hook ups on a charter.

Last but not the least, fishing in the pass is regulated and there are many rules that abound it. It is then recommended that novices and angling experts hire a guide prior to fishing in Boca Grande Pass.