Family Inshore Fishing Experience

Family Fishing is one of the BEST ways to bond. When you are traveling to Florida, make sure you discover all this state has to offer. A Family Inshore Fishing Experience in New Smyrna Beach, FL can provide you everything you are looking for. Whether you are after that trophy fish or just a great time, we have you covered. Hop on board with our local experts to get a true feel of North Florida.

Our local and professional experts in New Smyrna Beach, FL have years of experience. They spend hours and days on the water making sure that when you adventure out, you have the best time possible. Captain Brad Kayholm will be your local expert for inshore fishing. If you are looking to catch a Redfish in this area, there is no one better than him.
Here is what your family can experience when fishing in New Smyrna:

Captain Brad’s Family Fishing Experience

“My brother, Jeff, who I don’t get to see often, stayed an extra day to explore what New Smyrna Inshore Fishing had to offer. It was going to be a quick trip before they had to head home. When you don’t have much time, getting out during first light is essential.

I had not been out in a few days so we wanted to hit some spots to see what was happening. The first spot was not very productive with a few catfish eating up the baits. After several catches, it was time to move onto another location. When you explore New Smyrna Fishing, you are after that trophy fish. Sail cats may be fun to reel in but not our desired species. My 6-year-old nephew
Brindle from Pennsylvania caught his biggest fish ever. It was a sail cat. He loved the battle and gave him a lot of joy. It is moments like this that make for a great day of fishing. Of course, he wanted to take a photo with his fish. Grandpa Rick was waiting on the front of the boat. Grandpa says “Brindle, don’t drop that it will poke you” and then what happens, it slips out of his little hands and stabs Grandpa in the leg. The timing was absolutely perfect and quite hilarious. So with bloodshed and a numb leg, we moved on.

Family Inshore Fishing Experience 1Next spot the bite was on. We finally found what we were looking for. One of the magical parts about fishing here in New Smyrna Beach is the abundance of fish. You can catch a wide variety of species. Ultimately, when you fish on my vessel, we are after a bull redfish.

It was an absolutely fantastic day on the water. My brother and Brindle were in heaven landing 4 out of 6 over 40″ redfish. After the bite slowed I wanted to check a spot where we caught drum a year ago.

After 15 minutes of no bites I said “It was to warm still and they just have not moved in quite yet.” Well, as a fishing Captain, I